Magen David Adom

Since 1930, Magen David Adom (MDA) has been Israel’s sole national emergency medical and blood services organization.  MDA is the equivalent of all of the 911 services in the United States, plus the Red Cross, combined to provide all ambulance services, emergency medical care, and blood related services in Israel.

Today, more than ever, Israel is facing threats from its enemies, both near and far.  With Iran increasing its production of a higher grade enriched uranium over the last few months and continuing to call for the destruction of the State of Israel, and all of the uncertainty created by the Arab Spring uprisings, the threats to Israel today are numerous and significant.  A recent significant escalation of rockets being launched randomly and indiscriminately into Southern Israel has caused injuries and damages to persons and property.  These attacks place stress upon MDA’s resources and assets.

We can help in this time of uncertainty; we can help MDA be prepared for both normal daily individual emergency calls throughout Israel, and also to be prepared and ready should any enemy of Israel attack.  No one wants to think that this could actually happen, but we cannot just rely on hope and faith that Israel’s enemies will not carry out threats of destruction.  History has shown us that it can happen.  We must not wait to be prepared.  We must act today.

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