Climb Update

Hello Everyone!

Today the guys trekked past 14,000 feet.  Unfortunately James started to experience Altitude Sickness and eventually decided it was best for him to return to Arusha so he descended.  Max, Ben and Howard trekked onward.  Then after dinner, Howard developed high blood pressure.  He determined that he couldn’t take any chances so he decided to return and get medically checked out.  Max and Ben were feeling fine but since James was gone and Howard and I had made a pact that he would not leave them without one of the adults; when the lead guide offered to continue and summit with Max and Ben tomorrow they declined.  So they all started to descend.  At this point it was dark as they trekked downward 4 hours to a location where a recovery vehicle could reach them.  Then they went straight to the hospital.  They called me when they finally got back to the hotel at 4 AM.  James and Howard are fine.  They’re all disappointed.  Still they did an amazing feat!  It took them 5 days to get to the level they were at so they can’t go back to finish unless they do it on another trip!  I am incredibly proud of them!  They will take a couple of days to recover and then they have a safari to look forward to so I am sure they will end their adventure on a high note!  I can’t wait to see them and hear all of their stories!  They will continue to fundraise until they reach their goal of purchasing an ambulance!  So three cheers for my heros – Howard, Max, Ben and James!!!!!!  If the world had more people like them in it, it would be a much happier place!  I will have them update the blog with their stories upon their return!  Thank you all for your support!


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