Summit Day!!!!!!!!

Summit Day!!!  As I write this, Howard, Max and Ben should be reaching Uhuru Peak – the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 19,341 feet!  They woke up at 4:00 AM to summit today.  As it is now 10:30 PM Chicago time, they should be just about there!   When we spoke to them this morning, they said the hike yesterday was cold, rainy and snowy but that now it is too cold for rain so they expect snow only!  It’s a really long day for them today because not only did they rise early to summit (a 4 hour climb on its own) but they then plan to hike another 8 hours down to a camp at an elevation of 12,500 feet.  So I don’t expect to hear from them again until around noon tomorrow.

They are feeling good and are in very high spirits!  This is the culmination of a long 4 years filled with unexpected twists and turns, starting with Howard’s reaction to the malaria pills and their untimely and disappointing descent to Ben’s broken collarbone and putting it off another full year, yet continuiing to train throughout. They have all trained so hard and had to keep their goal in mind with both physical and mental stamina.  As we’ve always told the boys, this has been more about the journey than the end goal.  They have learned so much and I am so very excited for them all!  If they can do this, they can accomplish anything because they now know that success takes a lot of time, effort and follow-through.  It doesn’t come easy or quickly or without its pitfalls.

I believe they will be seeing the sunrise on the summit of Africa so I will end with this photo.  What a gorgeous view!  When they send me photos, I will share them with you!

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