For Immediate Release

Climb Update 2017


Dear Friends:

I am excited to be writing to you today to advise you that all of my children, including my 13‐year‐old
daughter, Shayna, and I will be returning to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro this month. Many of you
are aware of our prior climbs and the issues and triumphs we have had with each of them. The summit of
Kilimanjaro remains an important goal of ours. However, more importantly, our Operation Climb campaign
is an even higher and much more important goal. At this time, we are almost half way toward an ambulance
with a total of $46,273.00 raised for Magen David Adom in Israel (“MDA”). This money has been raised
through the generous donations and support of our family, friends and colleagues.
I write you today to, once again, ask for your assistance in this matter. Today, more than ever, the
emergency and medical services which MDA provide are critically important, especially with the rising
tensions in Israel. MDA is an organization in Israel that responds to anyone who is sick, wounded and/or in
need of emergency services. MDA responds whether you are a Jew, Christian or Muslim; regardless of

Many of our friends have asked why we are undertaking these efforts again. Simply said, we are looking to
finish our projects. First and foremost, we are working to raise enough money to buy an ambulance for
MDA to be used in Israel. Secondly, on a much lighter note, we have our own personal goal to reach the
top of Kilimanjaro and for Benjamin to blow his shofar at the summit.
I hope that you will consider supporting us in our endeavor. All money donated goes directly to MDA. We
ask you to consider making a donation, and also ask you to talk with one or two of your own friends to
participate as well. Donations can be made in two easy manners.

You can go online to and click the donate section. This will bring you directly to the
designated MDA page. You can also directly call MDA’s Northbrook office at (847)509‐9802, and tell them
that you would like to make a donation that should go toward Operation Climb. It is very important that
you advise the staff that it is an Operation Climb donation, so they properly credit it to our campaign. All
donations are tax deductible.
If you would like to follow our progress on the mountain you can sign up for our Facebook page and e‐mail
list on the Operation Climb MDA website.
My family and I thank you for your support and for all of the good wishes. Please feel free to reach out to
any of us if you have any questions.

Toda Raba!
Howard M. Zavell