Why Magen David Adom:

Magen David Adom (MDA) is the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross.  It provides the entire Israeli pre-hospital emergency needs, including medical, disaster, ambulance and blood services.  MDA also provides 100% of the blood requirements of the Israeli Defense Force, and 95% of blood for Israeli hospitals in the general population.

Simply said, MDA treats all people equally, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation.  If you are sick, hurt or injured in Israel, and require assistance, MDA will help you.

MDA provides emergency care and provides ambulances twenty-four hours a day, for all types of accidents, medical emergencies and terror attacks.  It has and does provide vital lifesaving services within Israel during both times of peace and war.

MDA has over 120 emergency medical stations and 11 dispatch stations throughout Israel, from which its ambulance fleet of more than 800 modern, life saving vehicles can be deployed throughout the Country.

Life saving tasks are carried out in part by MDA’s 110 mobile intensive care units (MICUs) which are equipped with sophisticated equipment for the immediate diagnosis and treatment of cardiac and polytrauma emergencies and linked by telemetry equipment to the Coronary Care Units at nearby medical centers.  MICUs are staffed by physicians trained in emergency medicine, and also by paramedics who have undergone strenuous training.

MDA does not draw political boundaries.  It serves all in need.  Demonstrating its commitment to all people, MDA has 14 MDA stations in the West Bank communities as well.

MDA provides ambulances, MICUs, blood mobiles and armored ambulances.  MDA is responsible for 100% of the blood to the IDF and 95% of the blood for the general population.

Should terrorists fire rockets into Sderot, Ash Kelon, Be’er Sheva or any other terrorist activity in Israel, MDA will be there to treat, stabilize and rush those injured to the hospital.

MDA also comes to the assistance of the international community in times of need.  For instance:

In Haiti:

  • sent a delegation to stabilize the operating room in Port Au Prince Hospital.
  • A second delegation taught select members of the population to give inoculations against diseases brought on by the lack of sanitation.
  • a third delegation taught amputees to use prosthetics.

In response to the tsunami:

  • Sent a medical delegation treating thousand of patients;
  • Sent tracing officer;
  • Sent 30 tons of food and 50 tons of water

In response to Hurricane Katrina:

  • sent assistance to the U.S. during the aftermath of Katrina.
  • sent two planes filled with fresh water (ironic since Israel is a country in the desert).

Operation Climb -MDA

Goals.  Our goals are simple and clear:

1.       Raise awareness in our communities about MDA and the important and amazing work it does in Israel and around the world.

2.       Raise as much money as possible as a group to fund the purchase of ambulances, equipment and facilities for one purpose, saving peoples’ lives.