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4th Day of the Climb

Today we again heard from Howard, Max and Ben as they were preparing to have dinner and spend the night at 12,500 feet at Shira Camp 2.  They said that the next day’s climb would take them up to Lava Tower and then back to Shira Camp 2 where they will spend the night again.  This is an altitude acclimating day.

The day’s planned hike:
•Shira 2 Camp to Lava Tower and back to Shira 2 Camp
•Elevation (ft): 13,800ft to 13,000ft

•Distance: 7 km
•Hiking Time: 4-6 hours
•Habitat: Semi Desert

From the Shira Plateau, they move to the east up a ridge, passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo. As they continue, their direction changes to the South East towards the Lava Tower, called the “Shark’s Tooth.” Shortly after the tower, they will come to the second junction which brings them up to the Arrow Glacier at an altitude of 16,000ft. They then continue back down to the Shira 2 Camp at an altitude of 12,500 ft. Here they will rest, enjoy dinner, and overnight. Although they will end the day at the same elevation as when they started, this day is very important for acclimatization and will help their bodies prepare for summit day.

On a personal note, today marks our 21st Wedding Anniversary.  Howard’s zest for life is one of the traits I love about him the most and I would never stop him from pursuing this dream.  Shayna and I can’t wait to reunite with them next week!

Here is a link to a cool website / blog called:  Have Camera Will Travel and it shows photos and describes the Lemosho Route 8-day climb by photographer David Coleman.  This is significantly better than anything I can describe here.